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Ghost Mannequin Service for Clothing

These Service is a process that E-commerce clothing companies use to make pictures of their goods that look real without using real people. It includes scanning a 3D Image or taking a picture of a product, Clipping Path any parts that do not show, and then adding a computer-made photo of the human body. With this method, The body in the photo can be edited to look exactly like the body type that the product is designed for, Making the image more realistic and reliable. 3D Body modeling has become very useful for businesses wanting to make authentic product images.

Mannequins are more complex to edit out than you believe


Making a model wearing a work of clothing and then removing the dummy and the scene to leave only the clothes is part of this process. When you turn on the ghost dummy effect, you can see more details of the clothes because you can not see the model. Photographers who work with Fashion, Products, and Online Shopping often use ghost model effects. Making 3D models of garments is another thing they are used for. This means that ghost model methods make it possible for clothes to look much more accurate and professional in photos and 3D renders.

Complex Mannequin - Clipping Path Adobe
Clothing Mannequin - Clipping Path Adobe

Why Mannequins are important for Clothing Stores


These services are important for eCommerce businesses and clothing stores because they allow products to be showcased in a more visually appealing and professional manner. By removing the need for live models, ​
puppet enables businesses to display their apparel in a consistent and standardized way, helping customers visualize how the clothing will look and fit on them. Additionally, ghost dummy photography can save time and money compared to traditional methods of product photography, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses. For example, a clothing store that offers a wide range of sizes and styles can use mannequin services to efficiently photograph and showcase their entire inventory online. This not only enhances the customer shopping experience but also increases the chances of making a sale, as potential buyers can easily compare different products and make informed purchasing decisions. In conclusion, ghost dummy services provide eCommerce businesses and clothing stores with a visually appealing and standardized way to showcase their apparel, helping customers visualize how the clothing will look and fit. By saving time and money compared to traditional methods of product photography, ghost dummy services offer a cost-effective solution for businesses to efficiently photograph and showcase their entire inventory online, enhancing the customer shopping experience and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Ghost Mannequin in product photography has a lot of benefits


By employing a dummy when taking product images, product photos will present a professional feel that better highlights the form and fit of clothing, giving potential buyers an accurate representation of how these clothes might appear on them. Mannequins also save time and effort during post-production editing by eliminating the need for extensive retouching or using models. Numerous fashion companies that employ Dummy as models in product photography to achieve attractive and uniform images use them successfully. Companies using ghostly dummy displays to showcase the specific fit and design features of their clothing can effectively highlight its features that draw customers eyes, which improves sales. One leading online clothing retailer observed an unexpected boost in sales after adding a ghost-like dummy to its product photography. Their professional, seamless appearance on their site enhanced customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

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Invisible Ghost Mannequin - Clipping Path Adobe

Why CPA for Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services


For These Services, Clipping Path Adobe is the best choice. They offer a unique mix of Adobe Expertise, Outstanding specificity in clipping paths, Expertise in making invisible dummies, Quick and Efficient workflows, Unique customization to match the personality of your company style, Affordable options, and A lifelong commitment to quality control. Our team has been educated in Adobe Technology. It Employs processes to combine and edit pictures in a way that makes your clothes look like they were put together by a Model who is not there. A real image that reveals the details of your clothing line results from carefully handled clipping paths and a deep understanding of how clothes are put together. You can trust Clipping Path Adobe to assist you in improving the appearance of your items, Making the experience of buying online more delightful, and Increasing the visibility of your brand as a visual leader in a competitive market. So, working with Clipping Path Adobe is the best way to ensure that your product photos are of the best quality.

Ghost mannequins are great for keeping a consistent look in your product thumbnails, especially if you don’t have live models for every image on your site.


When a ​dummy is a great choice for your product photos:


  1. To add life, texture, and volume to your products, especially apparel and accessories.
  2. If you need to cut the expense and challenges of hiring live models.
  3. When you want to show the back and front, or a 360-degree view, of your product.
  4. To showcase the inside of the apparel, as well as the brand and label on the inside tags.


Ghost Mannequin In Product - Clipping Path Adobe

Photographs of clothing without dimensions make your merchandise appear flat and your customers want to know what the item is designed to look like in real everyday life. However, coordinating live models could be costly, and models can detract from your product in photographs.

The smart fashion stores maintain a basic approach by using a model to show their products after which they alter the mannequin in their images.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services

We provide a range of products that are accompanied by mannequin editing of photos. It is possible to expect any or anything related to the invisible mannequin solution. We're here to help make your pictures stunning using our offers.

Ghost Mannequin In Product - Clipping Path Adobe

1. 3D Ghost Mannequin Effect

If you take the mannequin out of the image, it seems like somebody is wearing the dress. This means that the dress looks as if it's an actual 3D object, rather than an ordinary 2D image. The joints which are created independently make the picture more authentic. 3D photos are more attractive and the effect will increase the sales.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin Services - Clipping Path Adobe

2. Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

If a dress is photographed by a mannequin evident that the back of the dress will remain concealed behind the man. Therefore, if you wish to expose the back after removing the mannequin it is necessary to include the portion of the dress lined with the man.

The bottom joint is the process of attaching the lower portion of the dress. This is visible when holding the dress with no mannequin. Clipping path services has been performing this for a long time and has been able to satisfy many clients.

3D Ghost Mannequin - Clipping Path Adobe

3. Neck Joint Manipulation

Neck joint services add the neck back (the portion with the label) after dissociating the model. If you shoot with a model or with a model back portion is kept in the shadow of the model, so it is necessary to add it separately when editing.


The invisible mannequins we offer include neck joint treatment that is performed by our experts in Photoshop to ensure you receive the highest quality work.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin - Clipping Path Adobe

4. Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Sleeve joints are a different part of the invisible mannequin services. This service will create a sleeve based on another image.


Some pictures come with sleeves however the position of the sleeves does not match. When that occurs, the sleeve or joint service can fix the sleeves. The work must be handled by skilled photo editors to ensure that the image is authentic. When you're done give the work to us so that we can professionally complete the job.

Neck Joint Manipulation - Clipping Path Adobe