Can you provide me background remove service for soft edge product images like a blanket, hairy doll, etc.?

Ans: Yes, we can. We are a professional image editing company. Our experienced designers will apply image masking technique and remove unwanted background.

How about the price?

Ans: The price for the image masking services is reasonable and cost-effective. Visit our price page and have an idea.

Which images require image masking?

Ans: Image masking is an alternative to the clipping path selection process. Where the clipping path fails, image masking works there. The images that have a soft edge such as model hair, furry doll, blanket, muslin, or chiffon-like clothes take image masking services.

Is image masking a timesome work?

Yes! The amateur photo editor cannot bring professional quality. Only experienced image editing experts can do quality image masking work and remove background from the soft-edge images.

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